Award-winning Luxury Interior Design


Stage 1


After the initial enquiry for any new project, we will email a questionnaire so that we can obtain an understanding of the overall brief.

The next step is a home consultation which takes place at your property and there is a cost associated with this initial visit. This usually takes 90 to 120 minutes and is a great opportunity for us to really get to know you, how you live, what inspires you. We want to explore your hopes and aspirations for the space we are working with. Listening and understanding is key to achieving a successful outcome for any interior design project.

We want you to get to know us too. This could be the beginning of a close working relationship, it is vital you feel comfortable with your choice of interior design company.

Depending on the size of the project we will also take measurements, discuss budgets and preferred start date on this visit.

Following this consultation you can expect to receive a proposal detailing an overview of your project, scope of work, timeline, approximate budget along with any relevant design and project management fees.

Stage 2

Design Development


In the second stage you should expect to have one or two meetings with the designer. We will present the initial concept including floor plans and furniture layouts. If we are proposing any structural changes we will discuss this in the first meeting. You will be shown flooring and wall finishes along with samples and visual references of furniture, lighting and soft furnishings.

This is a collaborative and hands on experience. We encourage you to handle the samples and finishes as we explain how they work together. We invite questions and feedback so we can tailor your unique design to meet your exacting requirements.


Following the concept presentation we focus on the detail, paying attention to each individual element so our team can seamlessly deliver your exquisite design. Bespoke cabinetry drawings, joinery and hardware details, plumbing specification, lighting design and electrical plans are presented to complete your proposal.

Stage 3

Document Preparation

Your quotation will be prepared and, at this stage, you may be introduced to our trades team as they carry out site surveys. We will have already briefed them on your project requirements. Your plans and drawings will have also been shared to communicate our vision. 
Once all the estimates are in, you will receive a document pack that will include contract papers, our T & Cs, a fully itemised quotation along with our Project Management fees. If you selected to receive photorealistic CGIs, your designer will be delighted to share these with you at this stage.

Stage 4

Design Development

At this next stage, we will introduce you to our Project Co-ordinator and Project Manager who will ensure your project is delivered according to plan.


Your designer and Project Manager will ensure that this stage runs smoothly and resolve any issues that arise.


Bespoke joinery, furniture, lighting and soft furnishings will be installed with meticulous precision to create visual cohesion in your space.


Prior to handover day, our team of designers will have carefully curated a selection of luxury accessories and artwork to dress the space. These finishing touches are an integral component part required to complete the beautiful aesthetic.

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