Delicious interiors...

04 October 2015

Kingfisher Restaurant in Wakefield approached Harpers to help them create a charming and welcoming interior for their award-winning fish and chip restaurant that reflected their high standards and friendly service.

Focusing on the restaurant, we brought out key elements of their brand through the interior design and colour scheme. Set against a contrast of natural stone, oak beams and clean white walls, we used a duck egg for the wall panelling and dining furniture to give a homely, welcoming and nautical feel.

As a family restaurant, we used playful elements of the sea and land, subtly introducing the Kingfisher through frosted glass and a fish inspired mirrored wall to create a beautifully ‘on brand’ finish, with brand components designed by Picture Smiths

Michael comments “It was a delight to work with such a renowned local business to bring together this welcoming and high quality interior to reflect the Kingfisher brand and its reputation”.